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New faces join PLCC board

1/23/2014 - South Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

GREEN — New members on the Portage Lakes Career Center (PLCC) Board of Education (BOE) were sworn in Jan. 16.

The PLCC offers a variety of vocational programs for students from Coventry, Green, Manchester and Springfield local school districts, as well as programs for adults.

A change this year is two individuals who do not serve on their school district’s BOE have been appointed to serve on the PLCC BOE to meet required changes adopted in Gov. John Kasich’s budget last year. The new law took effect Jan. 1. Previously, a requirement to be a PLCC BOE member was to be a BOE member for one of the participating school districts.

The appointees, who will serve three-year terms, and the school districts they represent include:

√ Coventry: Dave Andrews, Mark Conner and Robert Wohlgamuth, all current Coventry BOE members;

√ Green: Bob Campbell and Mark Herdlick, both current Green BOE members;

√ Manchester: Jack Daniels and Ron Robinson; and

√ Springfield: Mary Lou Dodson and Glenn Wieland, both current Springfield BOE members.

PLCC Superintendent Ben Moore said he appreciated the efforts of the school boards and superintendents in ensuring compliance with the new appointment requirements.

“I look forward to working with the new and returning board members,” he added.

Among the requirements of the new law are those selected to serve on a joint vocational or career center board must have experience as a chief financial officer, CEO, human resource manager or in other business, industry or career counseling and be qualified to discuss and consider labor needs regarding the skills, training and education needed by the region’s employers.

Previously, the PLCC BOE included the following local school district BOE members: Tina Gable and Andrews, from Coventry; Campbell and Steven Foster, from Green; Mark Tallman and Richard Sponseller, from Manchester; and Dodson, Neal Hess and Dave Hofer, from Springfield.

Coventry Superintendent Russell Chaboudy said Conner, as well as Andrews and Wohlgamuth, who both have served on the PLCC BOE in the past, were the only three from the Coventry community to apply for the seats on the PLCC board.

“I believe all of these candidates are well qualified and have a vested interest in the PLCC and its continued success, as Coventry has the largest student population at the PLCC,” said Chaboudy.

According to Andrews, he is a retired Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputy with 32 years of service. He graduated from The University of Akron with a bachelor’s degree in education in 1973. He is starting his 17th year as a Coventry BOE member.

Chaboudy said Conner was selected for his knowledge in working with budgets and schedules.

According to Conner, he has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from The Ohio State University and is a golf course superintendent at Fairlawn Country Club. He previously was a golf course superintendent at Firestone Country Club. He has served as treasurer for Coventry Youth Football and as a coach for youth football and baseball.

According to Wohlgamuth, he studied engineering at The University of Akron and has been a senior test engineer with Nexen Tire America Technology Center for about six years. Previously, he was a senior associate engineer and manager for Continental/General Tire & Rubber Co. He has served on the Coventry BOE for about 20 years.

The Green Local Schools BOE selected two board members who have backgrounds in business to represent the district on the PLCC board.

According to a biography on the Green BOE webpage, www.greenlocalschools.org, Campbell is a graduate of Green High School and earned a bachelor’s degree from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He served in the U.S. Air Force for more than 14 years before becoming the chief pilot for the Timken Co., where he currently is manager of Aviation Services.

Herdlick has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from The University of Akron, according to the Green website. He has been self-employed for the past 20 years as the owner of Mark’s Brew Thru in Springfield.

“I believe both gentlemen are very qualified, care deeply for the community and are dedicated to doing what is best for our students,” said Green Superintendent Jeffrey Miller. “They will continue the tradition of working collaboratively with our local school system and our career center to do what is best for our students. Additionally, their experience as effective board members will certainly benefit all stakeholders.”

The two Manchester Local Schools representatives for the PLCC BOE are the only ones who do not sit on a district’s BOE. Jack Daniels and Ron Robinson were selected at the Jan. 14 Manchester BOE meeting.

“The board reviewed the law and signed a memorandum of understanding with the PLCC, and based on this, they did a thorough analysis of the in-house candidates and outside applicants, and they selected these two in the best interests of our students,” said Manchester Superintendent Sam Reynolds.

According to his résumé, Daniels is president and CEO of Kandel Transport Inc. and oversees the operation of an $11 million trucking and warehousing operation that serves the frozen and refrigerated food industry. Under his ownership, the company grew from five employees in 1991 to more than 60 today, according to his résumé. In 1997, he started Kandel Cold Storage to enhance the trucking side of the business, and the following year he started Armstrong Refrigeration Truck and Trailer Repair Service for company equipment. He sold the latter in 2005, according to his résumé.

Daniels also serves as chairman of the one-year-old Manchester Education Foundation, which was formed to support and enrich the education of Manchester students.

“The experience gained while growing my businesses through highly skilled employees has given me a unique perspective on the challenges businesses face when filling positions,” he stated in his application.

Robinson is president and owner of Employ-Temps Staffing Services and principal owner of RSJH Properties LLC, a commercial real estate, construction, development and management company, according to his application. Robinson has been a strong supporter of the school district, and last year donated numerous iPads for Nolley Elementary School students, according to Reynolds.

“I have worked with business incubators, government unemployment agencies, local development boards and other organizations to help people get jobs,” said Robinson on his application for the PLCC seat. “Directing my company through the past few years of our difficult job market has given me an understanding of our area’s workforce needs.”

Representing Springfield Local Schools, Dodson has been on the Springfield BOE for 34 years and has been a small-business owner, according to Springfield Superintendent Bill Stauffer.

Wieland works as a driver for Coca-Cola, has been a union steward, and he also has served on the PLCC BOE in the past, according to Stauffer.

“They understand the business needs of Ohio,” said Stauffer.

Stauffer said the district had invited applicants for the positions after amendments to the Ohio Revised Code changed the board requirements, but no one other than the board members applied.

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