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PBS 45 & 49 offers Digital Television Help Desk

11/20/2008 - South Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

KENT — To help consumers who might be confused about the national digital television (DTV) conversion, PBS 45 & 49 has launched a DTV Help Desk.

This service enables community members to join the station’s DTV Help List and receive free periodic updates by mail about the digital transition. They also may leave a message should they have a question about the transition, and a PBS 45 & 49 employee will contact them. The free service is accessible by phone at (877) DTV-4PBS or by e-mail at dtv4pbs@wneo.org.

The purpose of the service is to assure that consumers understand the February 2009 DTV conversion and what their options are, according to PBS 45 & 49 officials.

“We want to make sure our community members understand how this change may affect them,” said Trina Cutter, PBS 45 & 49 president and chief executive officer. “We are especially concerned about viewers who receive their TV signals free over the airwaves through an antenna.”

Community members can access the PBS 45 & 49 DTV Help Desk to get information about what DTV is, how the conversion will affect them and whether they will need to acquire a converter box to continue receiving a TV signal. PBS 45 & 49 also offers a digital transition Web site at pbs4549 .org/dtv.htm.

The nationwide switch to digital transmission of TV signals will be completed by Feb. 17, 2009. After that date, all full-power analog broadcasts will cease. Benefits of DTV include movie-quality pictures and sound, more channels and even high-definition television to consumers with high-definition TV sets. In addition, the conversion will free up parts of the scarce broadcast airwaves, which then can be used for public safety services and advanced wireless services, according to PBS 45 & 49 officials.

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