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11/14/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 1200 block of Dover Avenue Nov. 5; the 1300 block of Dover Avenue Nov. 5; the 1000 block of Valdes Avenue Nov. 5; the 1700 block of McTaggart Drive Nov. 6; the 900 block of South Hawkins Avenue Nov. 7; the 900 block of Peckham Street Nov. 7; the 1100 block of North Portage Path Nov. 7; the 200 block of Twin Oaks Road Nov. 9; the 500 block of Hampshire Road Nov. 10; the 1700 block of Rock Hill Lane Nov. 10; the 200 block of Twin Oaks Road Nov. 10; and the 500 block of Bacon Avenue Nov. 12.

On Nov. 4, a 17-year-old Buchtel High School student allegedly stole an iPhone and $65 from another student’s jacket in a locker room, according to Akron police officers. Two days later, the victim tracked the phone to an address near the boy’s home. School officials called the boy’s home and asked his family to check for the missing iPhone, according to the police report. A family member found the device in the boy’s bedroom and dropped it off at the school, according to the report. The boy was arrested without incident and transported to the Summit County Juvenile Court, the report stated.

A 39-year-old Preston Avenue man was charged with intimidation, menacing by stalking, violation of a protection order and telecommunication harassment after he allegedly sent a threatening text message to a protected party in Merriman Valley Nov. 4. The man has been charged three separate times in the last month for crimes against the protected party, officers noted.

Officers responded to a report of a juvenile shoplifting Nov. 5 at a retail pharmacy in the 1900 block of West Market Street, where a 17-year-old Akron Digital Academy student was being held by store security. The boy was found with a candy bar and a BB gun in his pockets. The loaded weapon appeared to be a real gun, according to officers. The boy was charged with use and possession of an airgun and ammunition by a minor, while the store declined prosecution for shoplifting, according to the police report.

A manager of a store in the 1500 block of South Hawkins Avenue reported Nov. 5 he caught an employee stealing money from the store on camera, inputting false returns and pocketing the cash. The employee, a Barberton man, allegedly stole $675 in cash during the past month, according to the police report.

The same day, a 19-year-old Noah Avenue man and an 18-year-old Seward Avenue man were stopped in the 800 block of Winton Avenue after exiting a car that had been reported stolen from Cleveland Oct. 6. Both were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, while the older man was additionally charged with drug abuse and trafficking. Both men possessed digital scales, according to the police report, while the older man also had 4.1 grams of cocaine and 15.7 grams of marijuana.

Late the evening of Nov. 5, a Canal Fulton man went to see a woman he met on Craigslist in the 600 block of West Exchange Street. While at her home, a man claiming to be the woman’s boyfriend burst in and demanded the Canal Fulton man leave, according to his report. When he returned to his car, he discovered his briefcase was missing, according to the report. He believes the boyfriend snuck in the house while he was in another room with the woman and used the keys from his pants to enter the vehicle, according to officers.

Around the same time, officers responded to a report of three males harassing customers at a convenience store in the 400 block of West Market Street. One of the alleged harassers, a 19-year-old Greenwood Avenue man, first lied about his identity and then attempted to run from officers, leading to charges for obstructing official business and misrepresenting identity. The man also had a warrant from Akron for theft, two warrants from the Springfield Township Police Department for theft and a warrant from the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department for larceny, according to the police report.

An arrest warrant was issued for a 35-year-old Roslyn Street man, who was charged with domestic violence and domestic violence menacing Nov. 6 after allegedly assaulting his live-in girlfriend, causing visible injuries.

On Nov. 6, a pharmacist at a retail pharmacy in the 1300 block of Copley Road reported to police a 25-year-old Lane Street man tried to fill a fake prescription for promethazine with codeine. The man was stopped outside the pharmacy and charged with deception to obtain a dangerous drug and illegal processing of drug documents, according to the police report. He claimed he was picking up the prescription for someone else, according to the report. The man was taken to the Summit County Jail.

A 50-year-old Peckham Street man was charged with disrupting public service, theft, domestic violence and assault Nov. 7. The man allegedly smacked a plate of food out of his girlfriend’s hands, started choking her and tried to prevent her from calling the police.

A real estate agent reported Nov. 7 someone cut the lockbox from the front door of a vacant house in the 1100 block of North Portage Path, used the key to enter the house and stole copper piping from the basement.

On Nov. 9, officers initiated a traffic stop at South Hawkins Avenue and Vernon Odom Boulevard and discovered the driver, a 25-year-old Celina Avenue man, had a suspended license. During a tow inventory, officers found a bag containing $73 and 18 small bags containing marijuana prepared for sale. The man was charged with possession of and trafficking in drugs and taken to the Summit County Jail.

BATH: Police responded to an Oct. 28 report by a Sun Valley Drive woman who said her neighbors have been calling her constantly regarding her dogs barking. Police spoke to the neighbors, who said the woman had agreed to bring her dogs inside when they bark. Officers asked that they call her when the dogs bark, and advised the dog owner to bring the dogs inside when they bark.

A guest staying in a Medina Road hotel reported Oct. 28 she heard suspicious activity in the room next to hers.

On Oct. 31, police were called to a location on Crystal Lake Road, where they shot and killed a sick raccoon.

A wallet found along North Cleveland-Massillon Road Nov. 4 was returned to the owner, who said all the contents were present, except his credit card and a personal check. He contacted his financial institutions to cancel them.

On Nov. 5, a Rollingview Drive man reportedly cut a tree on his property, and it fell on property owned by a Retreat Drive man. The tree fell on a pole and cable lines and ripped the lines down. Utility companies responded to the scene, and the property owner requested the incidents be documented.

A Heather Hills Road man reported Nov. 5 he received a phone call from a man who claimed to work for a technical support company in Texas. The caller said he was selling technical support, and he convinced her to allow him access to her computer to install software. The caller contacted the victim again and said he would need to charge more money for the service, and the victim declined and said he was no longer interested. The caller threatened to lock his computer and render it useless. There were several attempts to electronically withdraw money from the victim’s account, and his computer is locked. Police provided him with an identity theft packet and advised him to contact the proper agencies.

COPLEY: On Oct. 25, officers investigated the theft of a homemade trailer from a yard on Copley Road. The 1970 trailer was stolen between Oct. 21 and Oct. 23, and it had an expired license plate. Police entered information about the trailer into a national database for stolen vehicles.

Police on Magdalyn Drive Oct. 26 stopped the driver of a vehicle with an equipment violation, arrested him on a warrant and took him to the Summit County Jail. A passenger was arrested on a warrant from the Walton Hills Police Department, and he was released when officers from that department were unable to accept him. The vehicle was towed.

The father of a Copley High School student reported Oct. 29 his daughter’s cell phone was stolen from the girls’ locker room while she was in the gym. Attempts to trace the phone were unsuccessful.

On Nov. 1, police were seeking a driver who crashed into the rear of another vehicle at a red light on state Route 21 and fled from the scene. The driver of the other vehicle went to the police station to report the accident.

Between Nov. 2 and Nov. 6, three drivers struck deer that ran across the same stretch of Interstate 77 north, just south of the state Route 21 merge. The accidents occurred in the early morning hours, and the vehicles were heavily damaged. A Broadview Heights woman was transported to a hospital for injuries sustained when her car struck a deer Nov. 2.

A woman who fell asleep while driving on Ridgewood Road Nov. 3 drove off the road and struck a pole, causing damage to the pole and vehicle.

FAIRLAWN: A Park Hill Drive man reported Nov. 5 his ex-spouse sent him text messages and an email in violation of a court order prohibiting her from contacting him. She told police she sent the messages to let him know about their son’s graduation, and that there were no threats made. The prosecutor declined charges, and police advised her not to violate the order again or she would be charged.

Security agents at a Montrose discount store reported Nov. 6 a man entered the store, took two coveralls from a display, went to the customer service counter and returned them for a store credit of $124. He was stopped as he left the store, and the store credit card was confiscated. Police charged him with theft and released the Akron man with a court summons.

On Nov. 6, loss prevention employees of a mall department store reported a man took clothing into a fitting room, emerged without the clothing, which was not in the fitting room, and left the store quickly. When he was stopped, he admitted he was wearing a shirt and two pairs of pants under his sweat suit. The merchandise, totaling $208, was returned to the store, and the Akron man was charged with theft and released with a court summons.

Police responded to a report of two shoplifters at a Montrose discount store Nov. 6, when employees reported two females concealed items totaling $97 in their purses. The two were apprehended as they left the store. The merchandise was retrieved, and an Akron woman was charged with theft and released. Her companion, a Williamsburg woman, was charged with theft and released, but after her release, police determined she provided a false identity. Officers signed warrants for her arrest for theft, forgery and misrepresentation of her identity.

The manager of a West Market Street drugstore reported Nov. 6 a woman concealed items totaling $136 in her purse and left the store without paying for them. She was stopped by the manager and an off-duty Akron detective as she left the store, and she surrendered the merchandise. Police arrived and arrested her for theft and possession of drugs and drug abuse instruments when a search during her arrest revealed marijuana, a container with methamphetamine residue, hypodermic needles and rolling papers.

Police were called to a Buffington Road residence Nov. 9 by a man who said his live-in girlfriend threatened to stab him in his sleep. Due to her erratic behavior, police called EMS to transport her to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

A Stow juvenile was charged with theft of a novelty item from a mall store Nov. 9 and released to her father.

NORTON: Police were called to a Glenbrook Drive residence Nov. 1 by a woman who said her husband had been drinking and shot himself and said he would shoot himself again if she attempted to take the weapon away from him. Officers observed him through a window and saw him walk toward the front door without the weapon. He told officers he had too much to drink and he didn’t remember what happened. Police entered the residence, assisted him and called EMS to transport him to a hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to the head. Officers located the firearm and took it for evidence.

Officers patrolling Greenwich Road Nov. 2 observed a driver sleeping behind the steering wheel of a vehicle that was sitting in the intersection of Greenwich and Shellhart roads. The car’s engine was running, the vehicle was in gear, and the driver’s foot was on the brake while he was asleep. He woke to take a field sobriety test, which he failed, and was arrested for DUI and having two open containers of rum in a vehicle. His BAC tested .161.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a Richland Avenue residence Nov. 2, when a woman reported her husband, who reportedly had been drinking, was wrestling on the living room floor with her son and her husband became aggressive and refused to let her son get up from the floor. Both parties reported no injuries, and the woman and her son left the residence for the night.

On Nov. 2, officers responded to a report of a car in a ditch on South Cleveland-Massillon Road and found the driver talking on the phone. He appeared intoxicated, failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI. Police determined from the tire tracks that he drove from a location on 31st Street and through three back yards before crashing the vehicle into a ditch. His BAC tested .195.

Police patrolling Barber Road Nov. 3 observed a man drive into the parking lot of a bar, exit his vehicle and begin urinating on the building. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and having an open container of whiskey in a vehicle. His BAC tested .140.

PENINSULA: An officer took a report Sept. 3 from the landlord of a Kendall Park Road property who said her tenant moved out and took several curtain rods, two canvas drop cloths, a heavy-duty dolly and a bathroom rod with curtain and hangers. The former tenant reportedly said she would not return the items until her security deposit was returned. The officer informed the landlord that the issue was a civil matter, not a criminal one, but added he would take a report of the information she provided.

On Sept. 6, an officer was running the radar gun at the Peninsula Library when a black Chevy was tagged for traveling at a high rate of speed (44 mph in a 25 mph zone). After stopping the vehicle, the officer asked the driver for identification, but the driver said she did not have any with her. She provided a Social Security number, a name and a date of birth, which revealed she had an expired Ohio driver’s license. The woman said she had previously lived in New Hampshire, but the officer could not locate a valid license in that state. The officer cited the driver for speed and expired license. After issuing her the citations, and upon further investigation, the woman was able to provide a New Hampshire driver’s license that checked out to be valid.

On Sept. 10, an officer received a radio assignment in reference to a breaking-and-entering report on Akron-Cleveland Road. The officer spoke with a woman who said she had noticed that the lock on her shed door had been pried open, but nothing was being stored in the shed at the time. The officer observed splintered wood and marks on the shed door that were consistent with it being pried open. The officer advised the woman a report would be made.

An officer received a call Sept. 13 for suspicious activity at a property at a trailer park in Boston Township. The officer spoke with the landlord, who said one or more people might be staying in a trailer that had been empty due to the death of the trailer’s owner.

On Sept. 18, an officer took a report of harassment from a woman who said an acquaintance frequents her place of employment on Main Street and talks about her personal life with other customers of that business. The woman was advised by the officer the activity did not constitute harassment “at this time.”

An officer was dispatched to an Akron-Cleveland Road location Sept. 18 in reference to a theft complaint. The officer spoke with a man who stated that on Aug. 2 an unknown person removed a Stihl chainsaw from the back of his pick-up truck. The truck had been parked beneath an unsecured carport next to the man’s residence.

On Sept. 20, a passing motorist called the department dispatch to report a vehicle in a ditch on Everett Road. Reportedly, the caller said the driver appeared to be uninjured, but added the man was possibly intoxicated and was angry about the call to the police. The driver was arrested and conveyed to the Richfield Police Department for a blood alcohol content test, which he refused, and was then taken to the Peninsula Police Department for booking. The vehicle was towed from the scene to the suspect’s home.

An officer received a call at the police station Sept. 21 in reference to a theft from a storage unit on Akron-Cleveland Road. The officer met with a man, who said he found a new lock on his storage unit. After removing the lock, the man noticed some of his personal items, including a bicycle, a motorcycle helmet and some hunting gear, were missing. The man said he had not been to the storage unit in approximately three months.

On Sept. 23, a responding officer spoke with a woman in reference to some signs that had been put up in the mailbox area of a trailer park in Boston Township. After a public notice of drinking water contaminants was put in each resident’s rent envelope, several “don’t drink the water” signs were posted in the mailbox area, causing alarm among the residents. The woman reportedly said she might want to press charges for causing a panic if she finds the culprit or culprits.

An officer responded along with Valley Fire District personnel Sept. 24 regarding a kayaker in the river north of Lock 29. The officer went to the footbridge and observed a male, who appeared to be uninjured, standing in the river toward the west bank. The officer stayed on the footpath to direct Valley Fire personnel to the area, and the man was rescued.

On Sept. 24, an officer was sent to a business on Main Street regarding a disturbance. The officer spoke to a female employee, who said two men sitting on the patio took spray bottles from inside the business to spray a dog owned by one of the men whenever it would bark. The employee said that when she tried to take a bottle away, the man yelled at her. The officer spoke to the man, who admitted he went behind the bar two times to get a bottle so he could spray his dog. The officer told the man he couldn’t go behind the bar, and he was asked to leave. The man complied.

While on patrol Sept. 26, an officer observed what appeared to be a wallet and items scattered in the roadway at Main and Center streets. The officer recovered the items he could find and then went online to locate a phone number for the wallet owner’s residence.

On Sept. 29, two officers received a radio assignment in reference to an intoxicated male in the roadway in front of a business on Akron-Cleveland Road. Upon arrival, the officers reported they met a man who “smelled of alcoholic beverage, had red watery eyes and slurred speech.” The man stated he had a fight with a friend and was walking home. The man was arrested for disorderly conduct and released with a court summons.

An officer received a radio assignment Sept. 30 in reference to telephone harassment. The officer spoke with a Riverview Road resident who said he had received three phone calls from the phone number 0000. The man said the caller told him he owed $396 from an online loan and they would come after him if he didn’t pay it. The victim told the officer he had never taken out a loan online, and the caller never identified himself or the company that employed him. The man said the bank had canceled his debit card account “a while back” due to someone obtaining his account number and attempting to use it. The man said he was unsure whether the incidents were related. On Oct. 4, the man met with the same officer to let him know someone identifying himself as “John Richardson from the Department of Investigation” called his place of work and began asking his boss for information about the employee. The boss said “John Richardson” did not leave a return number.

RICHFIELD: A police officer patrolling Columbia Road Oct. 29 discovered a “No Parking” sign had been removed from a pole across from an entrance to diesel pumps at a Brecksville Road travel center.

The manager of a Broadview Road grocery store reported Oct. 29 an audit by the Department of Commerce revealed empty boxes on the shelves in the liquor department, and he reviewed video surveillance footage that showed four black females, one wearing pink scrubs and another who was heavy-set and wore a white jacket and sweatpants, placing bottles of liquor in their handbags. The females stole liquor totaling $2,000, left minutes later, got into a white sedan and drove off. The same females reportedly stole liquor from the grocery chain’s Parma store. Later that day, police were called back to the store by employees, who reported a woman stole liquor and ran into a wooded area. Police found a bag containing four bottles of liquor, and other officers apprehended the female running on Broadview Road. She was arrested for theft and released to the Fairlawn Police Department on a warrant. Detectives are investigating a report that her companion was one of the four females implicated in the theft of liquor from the same store earlier that day.

The owner of property on Brecksville Road reported Nov. 1 a construction company has been working on his property without his permission, and workers have cleared trees and vegetation. Police advised him to gather all documentation regarding the incident and take it to the police department, along with a statement of the incidents.

Police responded to a report of trespassers on Dewey Road Nov. 2 and spoke to three males who were in a pickup truck and decided to go off-roading on private property. When the truck became stuck in mud, one of the males went to an area where heavy equipment is housed, used a key he uses to drive the vehicle as an employee and drove a front-loader to the area to extricate the truck. Police asked if he had permission to use the heavy equipment, and he said he did not. The three also admitted they did not have permission to be on the property. All three males were charged with trespassing and criminal damaging, and one was additionally charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Officers are investigating a report of identity theft filed Nov. 2 by a Buckhaven Drive woman, who said an unknown person used her name, Social Security number and birth date to make a $2,500 withdrawal from her checking account. Someone also opened a credit account with a furniture store and charged $4,769 and another account with a home improvement store, where they charged $6,623. All fraudulent activity took place in Illinois.

A Ridgeview Drive man reported Nov. 2 his girlfriend’s ring, worth more than $30,000, was stolen from his residence. He provided police with a photo of the ring and a list of people who were in the home around the time of the theft.

The owner of a Broadview Road restaurant reported Nov. 3 people were parking in the business lot and drinking in their cars. She said she spoke to several juveniles regarding the issue. When police arrived, they found 50 cars in the lot, many of which were parked illegally on the private property, for a large Halloween party at a nearby residence. Officers had the vehicle owners move the vehicles from the private lot and confiscated a marijuana cigarette found in the parking lot.

On Nov. 3, police responded to a domestic disturbance at a Brush Road residence, where a male reported he argued with his grandfather and the two wrestled. He left the residence, and police found him walking on the road. His grandfather provided the same account of what happened, and his grandmother confirmed the information. The parties declined charges.

Someone in a vehicle struck and damaged two mailboxes on Alger Road the night of Nov. 3.

Police went to the Fairlawn Police Department Nov. 3 to pick up a man arrested on a Richfield warrant. He was charged, given a court date and released on $300 bond.

Officers patrolling Oviatt Road Nov. 4 found the carcass of a deer had been illegally dumped in Rising Valley Park.

On Nov. 4, police searched an area on Monica Drive for a vehicle with front-end damage after a resident reported a motorist struck his mailbox, cracking the post in several places. Police were unable to locate the driver.


The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the Peninsula reports were compiled by Sean Patrick. The remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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