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Richfield Township official thanks supporters

On behalf of the Richfield Township trustees, Service Department staff, administrative staff and residents, we wish to...   Full Story

In life’s little dramas, there are small but irreplaceable parts

There’s a drawer in our kitchen of things I bought to fix other things. The broken things usually remain broken, and the...   Full Story

Cartoon: 9-11-114

Cartoon: RubberDucks   Full Story

Green resident happy with no rezoning of Liberty Green

I’ve lived in the area of the City of Green known as East Liberty for most of my 66 years. A rezoning request for the...   Full Story

Springfield resident questions proposed sales tax increase

As everyone knows, one of the lead stories over the past several weeks has been the proposed increase of the Summit County...   Full Story

DAR asking all to celebrate Constitution Week

An important date is approaching for our country as the 227th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution nears...   Full Story