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Springfield resident questions floor fix at new school building

9/19/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In response to the article [in the] Sept. 6, [2013, issue], “Springfield district fixing floor vibrations:”

The board is attempting to fix the cracks and vibration issue in the new school building. In an attempt to try and find out how this issue with the cracking and vibration issue ever passed inspection, I attended the Aug. 20 school board meeting. When the meeting opened for public comments, I got up and attempted to ask the board, “Who inspected the work on the floors and who passed it?” I was told point blank by school board President Neal Hess, “We don’t answer questions. We only take comments.”

With the help of our Summit County Council representative Paula Prentice (D-District 8), she discovered that [the] Summit County [Division of Building Standards] had no involvement or made any inspections on the new school building. If [the] Summit County [Division of Building Standards] had been involved and inspected it, we would not have [this] debacle with the floors. The [Division of Building Standards] would have never passed this inferior work.

The question begs, how is it possible for the school board to by-pass the [Division of Building Standards]? By law anyone adding an addition, building a new home, commercial or industrial building is required to obtain a building permit from the county and then during the construction process, it is inspected by the [Division of Building Standards] to make sure it passes code.

Good God, how many more fiascos are we going to tolerate with this totally incompetent board? When the district was under Financial [Fiscal] Emergency just a few years ago [February 2005 to March 2009], the board tried to give Superintendent William Stauffer a raise only to be stopped by the [Financial Planning and Supervision] Commission [appointed by the state auditor to oversee the district]. The Commission stated, “They [the district] did not have the money and did not know where it was coming from.” I only remember too well back in 2010 when the board was campaigning for the bond levy, all the hype being made in order to jam this levy down our throats.

Now they are wasting almost another million dollars of our tax money for some “Band-Aid” fix.

The board sits up there on their pompous throne and thinks they do not have to answer to no one. They are trying to be a dictatorship. What they fail to remember is that the taxpayers of Springfield Township are paying their salary. There is no transparency with this board.

Every single board member is totally incompetent and needs to be removed from office immediately as they are not fit to even run a garbage dump. They are nothing but a disgrace to our community. I thank God that we do not have any children that would attend this new building, as I would pull them out and send them to another school that I know has a safe building.

Robert Bonto, Springfield

Editor’s notes: The Springfield Local Schools Board of Education has been directed by their attorneys not to discuss the floor vibration issue and to refer any questions on the matter to the district’s legal counsel.

According to Superintendent William Stauffer, the Summit County Division of Building Standards does inspect the school building that is currently under construction.

Summit County Council representative Paula Prentice (D-District 8) added, “It is my understanding that Summit County does not have oversight of materials and construction of school facilities. Summit County only oversees specifications. [Summit County] is not permitted to interfere with the engineering of these projects.”

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