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Rep continues to be unresponsive, says reader

2/16/2017 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I wrote an open letter to the editor of the West Side Leader regarding my disappointment with [Republican State Rep.] Marilyn Slaby, of District 38 [“Copley man says state rep ‘unresponsive’,” Feb. 2, 2017, issue]. The letter was in regard to the many calls I placed to her office and the failure of Ms. Slaby’s staff to return my calls. I thought that this letter being published would result in someone from Ms. Slaby’s office trying to call me to see what the issue was and how they could help.

Not to my surprise — NO RETURN CALL.

This failure to care about a concerned and unhappy constituent (and someone who voted for Ms. Slaby) is no surprise to me. Apparently, since it’s not voting time, why should Ms. Slaby or her staff really give a [darn].

I will never vote for her in the future for any office that she will ever try to run for and I will try to convince every conservative voter I know to do the same.

And … to Ms. Slaby’s staff — please do not call.

A lost voter.

William Henderson, Copley

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