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Norton man questioning school levy

4/20/2017 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The taxpayers of Norton, population 12,000, static since the 1970s, supporting an antidevelopment city administration and facing a massive bill for sewer expansion, will again be asked for unneeded funds. Unneeded because [Norton City Schools] fails to mention that we’re paying for over 600 students from outside the district. Ask Coventry how this worked out for them. Sure we get $6,000-plus or minus for each student but it costs $9,000 plus or minus to educate each Norton student. Even I can do that math, and it equals the school system acting more as an employment service than a place where education is top priority.

They also don’t mention that we’ll be closing two school buildings, which, in the twisted universe that is Norton, will not reduce staff. Hmmmm? Again, we are not an employment service. It may be possible, by educating only Norton residents, that one more building could be closed, freeing up existing funds and eliminating the need to reach into our pockets. How much does it cost to keep one school building open — $5 million, $10 million? I’d like to hear it discussed in [an] open forum with our new superintendent and the school board actively engaged as stewards of the taxpayer dollar rather than a perpetual hand in the pocket of an over-burdened taxpayer.

Other questions, asked by a Norton taxpayer/parent include:

Why must students be sick three days before homework can be accessed? What’s the goal?

With the greatest communication device in the history of humanity in our pockets and pocketbooks, why are all grades not able to access homework assignments online? I guarantee other schools do it. Our children and young teachers move seamlessly in modern technology. Lets defer to them and enter the 21st century.

How many cars clog our streets delivering 600 plus out of district students to and from our schools?

Do we really maintain equipment and employ staff to mow grass and plow snow when local, hardworking, taxpaying businesses could perform these services? Lets see a cost benefit analysis on this one.

Lastly, I’d like to welcome our new superintendent, Mr. Dana Addis, back to Norton. Lets play golf some time?

Dan Newman, Norton

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