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Akron Ohio Events

Bongo Joe and Little Steve-O

4/1/2015       Show only Music

Author Talk: Irv Korman

4/1/2015       Show only Books

Grass is Gross: Edible Landscaping

4/2/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I”

4/2/2015       Show only Film

Kite Workshop: for kindergarten-second grade

4/2/2015       Show only Children's Events

Yoga for Kids

4/3/2015       Show only Children's Events

Bits and Pieces

4/4/2015       Show only Children's Events

In Harmony: Charlotte Lees and Mark Common

4/4/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Westhuizen Duo

4/4/2015       Show only Music

Discovering Herons

4/4/2015       Show only About Town

Hiking for the Health of It

4/4/2015       Show only About Town

Show and Tell Me a Story: for ages 1-3

4/4/2015       Show only Children's Events

Drawing and Cartooning Foundations

4/4/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Easter Bunny Photo Experience

4/4/2015       Show only Children's Events

Living With Art

4/5/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Margarita Benitez and Markus Vogt

4/5/2015       Show only On Exhibit

A New Beginning

4/8/2015       Show only Support Groups

in Just spring: work by Akron School for the Arts students

4/11/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Figure Drawing and Painting with Model

4/21/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

A New Adventure

4/25/2015       Show only Support Groups

Christopher Pekoc: Hand Made

4/26/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Akron Camera Club’s Annual Show/Art of Susan Kiedio

4/28/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Stewart’s Caring Place: A Cancer Wellness Center Events

4/28/2015       Show only Support Groups

Story Stop: for ages 2-5

4/29/2015       Show only Children's Events

Self & Others: The Photographic Portrait

5/2/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Women’s Art League of Akron Member Show

5/28/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Cuyahoga Valley Photographic Society

5/29/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Fashion Timeline

6/30/2015       Show only On Exhibit