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Akron Ohio Events

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: A Fruity Tasting Experience

1/29/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Akron Metro Parks Hiking Club hikes

1/29/2015       Show only About Town

Baby Time: for ages 6-24 months

1/29/2015       Show only Children's Events

Adults Beginning Drawing

1/29/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Ballroom Dance Lessons

1/29/2015       Show only Dance

Art Talk: Christopher Pekoc

1/29/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

“The Maze Runner”

1/29/2015       Show only Film


1/30/2015       Show only Music

Drop-In Exercise

1/30/2015       Show only Art Fairs

Animal Tales

1/30/2015       Show only Children's Events

Voices in the Valley: David Mayfield Bluegrass Parade

1/30/2015       Show only Music

A New Beginning

1/31/2015       Show only Support Groups

“The Vagina Monologues”

1/31/2015       Show only Theater

Lunch and a Movie for Teens

1/31/2015       Show only Children's Events

Comedy in the Cellar

1/31/2015       Show only Comedy

Billy Strings and Don Julin

1/31/2015       Show only Music

Clapton Tribute Unplugged

1/31/2015       Show only Music

Gentle Yoga for Seniors

1/31/2015       Show only About Town

Feeding Time: ages 5 and older

1/31/2015       Show only Children's Events

“My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra”

1/31/2015       Show only Theater

The CCC and Virginia Kendall with Kenneth Bindas

1/31/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Dave Cordas

1/31/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Winter Tree ID Hike

1/31/2015       Show only About Town

Porthouse Theatre’s 2015 summer season

1/31/2015       Show only Auditions

The Snow Show

1/31/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Akron Baroque: Super Bowl Baroque!

2/1/2015       Show only Music

Backyard Bird Feeding

2/1/2015       Show only About Town

Melissa Harris-Perry

2/2/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Make a Pop-Up Book: grades 3-6

2/2/2015       Show only Children's Events

Fondues and Essential Oils

2/3/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Full Moon Hike

2/3/2015       Show only About Town

University of Akron Symphony Orchestra with flutist Heidi Ruby-Kushious

2/3/2015       Show only Music

AARP Senior Citizen Tax Help

2/3/2015       Show only About Town

Michelle Darvis: A Year in Plein Air

2/4/2015       Show only On Exhibit

PAWS for Reading with service dog Molly

2/4/2015       Show only Children's Events

Book Discussion: “Havisham: A Novel” by Ronald Frame

2/4/2015       Show only Books

Yoga in the Park

2/5/2015       Show only About Town

Teen Advisory Board

2/5/2015       Show only Children's Events

Mudpies clay class for parents and children ages 3-5

2/5/2015       Show only Children's Events

“Magic in the Moonlight”

2/5/2015       Show only Film

Show and Tell Me a Story: for ages 1-3

2/5/2015       Show only Children's Events

Beginner Beekeeping

2/5/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Half Cleveland and The Bizarros

2/6/2015       Show only Music

Homeschoolers: Microworld

2/6/2015       Show only Children's Events

Campfire Tales: Lessons in the Underground Railroad

2/6/2015       Show only About Town

Top Picks—Abbey Blake, Sean O’Donnell, Meaghan Reed, Omid Tavikoli

2/7/2015       Show only On Exhibit

A Common Bond: The Fascinating World of Insect and Plant Interactions

2/7/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Bits ‘n Pieces Paper Crafting

2/7/2015       Show only Children's Events

“The Snow Maiden”

2/7/2015       Show only Dance

Crystal Palace Hike

2/7/2015       Show only About Town


2/7/2015       Show only Music

Nature Drawing for Kids: ages 6-12

2/8/2015       Show only Children's Events

Second Sunday Dance

2/8/2015       Show only Dance

Stewart’s Caring Place: A Cancer Wellness Center Events

2/11/2015       Show only Support Groups

Epiphany Arts Festival

2/14/2015       Show only About Town

Begin Knitting

2/21/2015       Show only Workshops/Lectures


2/22/2015       Show only On Exhibit

“Towards Zero”

2/22/2015       Show only Theater

From the Vault: 40 Years of Excellence

2/27/2015       Show only On Exhibit

A New Adventure

2/28/2015       Show only Support Groups

Orchid Mania

3/8/2015       Show only On Exhibit

GriefCare Place

3/19/2015       Show only Support Groups

Christopher Pekoc: Hand Made

4/26/2015       Show only On Exhibit

Fashion Timeline

6/30/2015       Show only On Exhibit